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Skilled Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Lawyer Serving the Charleston Area

If you need a Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer or a Charleston Social Security Disability Lawyer Who Offers Aggressive Representation, you’ve come to the right place. Trey Merck has been representing good people in South Carolina for over 21 years. His office is now in North Charleston, South Carolina. During his years of practice, he has learned some things that he’d like to share with you. Injuries occur for a number of reasons including car wrecks, slip and fall accidents and defective products. Disability may result from these injuries. Trey Merck starts from the proposition that all cases can be won. However, it is a simple fact that you can dramatically increase your chances of winning by hiring a competent and aggressive attorney.

One recent example highlights Trey Merck’s unique skills. A lady who applied for Social Security Disability was approved (with the help of Trey Merck), however due to an erroneous entry in her Social Security record, she was not approved for back-pay. Trey Merck took the case to a hearing and was able to prove to the Judge that her reported earnings from self- employment were not correct and were not above the allowed cap. He also proved that she had been disabled longer than what appeared in the record. She was approved and received $28,000 in back-pay that she would not have received.

Social Security Disability

If you paid into the Social Security system by working and you become disabled, you have the right to get a monthly check. This plan is called SSDI. If you did not pay into the system (or paid very little), there is still a plan for you - it is called SSI. Several changes to the disability system in recent years and changes in the way attorneys practice have resulted in a system that must be properly navigated in order to be successful. Trey Merck, a South Carolina Social Security Disability Attorney, has successfully represented claimants in a large number of hearings, especially over the last 5 years. He has a unique system that will lead to success.

Car Accidents

The car accident may not have been your fault, but it might be your fault if you do not hire the right attorney. You’re driving along, not expecting an accident, and suddenly your life is changed by a negligent driver. You didn’t ask for it, but now you’ve got it. The insurance company is not going to look out for you even though they may make you think they will. You may not even feel that bad initially, only to later feel much worse. The clock is ticking, and it’s not in your favor. A competent and aggressive Charleston Personal Injury Attorney, like Trey Merck, can take away the ticking clock and give you direction in a time of chaos.

Probate and Estates

There is an old saying that there are only 2 things that are inevitable - death and taxes. Probate involves both of these, however don’t let it scare you. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and it doesn’t have to be all that painful, but there is a price. The probate process is very simple, really. It is the process of transferring ownership of property - pure and simple. Trey Merck gets very aggressive with his probate/estate cases by getting them filed as soon as possible - because there is some waiting time, but your attorney should not be your primary cause for delay.

Employment Law

You’ve been fired. Now, it’s time to fire back. Employment law is a very complex area of law with numerous deadlines and procedures. Many cases are investigated by the EEOC. Many cases must be filed in federal court. In some cases, you have not been fired, but you’ve been mistreated by your employer. If you retain an attorney, you cannot now be terminated or your employer will face another claim that is called retaliation. These cases can turn or be won on a small change to the factual situation, and it is important to seek the advice of an employment attorney early on.

Consumer Law

You do have rights as a consumer, and most consumers do not know these rights. Trey Merck can educate you on your rights, but he can also bring cases against those who violate your rights. Sometimes, a creditor has taken action against your property that they cannot legally take, or they have threatened you in a way (or at a time) when it is not lawful to do so. You may be threatened with a judgment against you for the next 10 years, wage garnishment or criminal prosecution. You don’t have to accept this kind of treatment, and you shouldn’t. There is help available, and you’ve come to the right place.

Slip and Falls

You fall down and get hurt - in a store, parking lot, restaurant, lobby, etc. (the list goes on). Many South Carolina attorneys fail to recognize the merit of most of these cases, and it is unfortunate for the injured person. Trey Merck realizes what it takes to win these cases, and he will establish a win-win solution from the beginning. An injury is an injury - medical treatment is required, which may include physical therapy, x-rays and testing. Trey Merck is a true Personal Injury Lawyer serving Charleston, and he wants to see his client engaged and involved in the process, especially in these cases.

Products Liability

A product injures you - sometimes you don’t even realize it was the product itself that was to blame - you just know that you were injured, and you don’t understand it. Other times, you know exactly what it is - you just need some help. A list of products that cause injuries would be too voluminous to list. It is very important, in these cases, to protect your rights immediately, and that involves preserving the evidence (or what is left of the evidence) - for example, food. It is very important to get started on these cases right away, and Trey Merck also prefers for his clients to be involved in the process.

Workers’ Compensation

If you get hurt on the job, you need a skilled and aggressive attorney like Trey Merck to help guide you through the process. Unfortunately, your employer will not likely look after you, and they may even try to avoid filing a claim or avoid sending you for medical treatment. If it is reported as an on-the-job injury, the insurance company for your employer will definitely not look after you - they will look for ways to minimize the compensation that you get. Trey Merck will get you all of the compensation you deserve and protect your rights in the workplace.

Put Trey Merck’s Skills to use as Your Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer or Charleston Social Security Disability Lawyer

Trey Merck is committed to providing direct, regular involvement with your case, direct access to your attorney, straight-forward legal advice, and a commitment to excellence. Trey Merck has over 21 years of experience in a variety of different legal areas, so he is equipped to handle your case. He is a true problem-solver. If you are on the same page, call us, and let's get started on your case. We serve the Charleston area and adjoining communities including but not limited to Charleston, North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Mount Pleasant, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner and Summerville. Contact Us Today at (843) 925-2175.

W. Trey Merck
Attorney W. Trey Merck

Trey grew up in Six Mile, South Carolina and attended D.W. Daniel High School, graduating in 1983. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master’s Degree from Clemson University. Trey earned his J.D. (Law) Degree from the University of South Carolina in 1997 and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 1998. He is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina.

Client Reviews
“Attorney Trey Merck did a great job for me when I was going thru probate on my brother, He kept me well informed and explained things. I didn't have to pay upfront.. Everything went smoothly. He is a very nice person and I would definitely use his services again if I need to.” - Jackie
"Mr Merck helped me through the long process of medical disability. He was kind, patient, helpful, compassionate .... a very kind human being. He always went above and beyond to help me. I was so grateful for meeting him during g a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone." - Jody
"Trey Merck was kind and patient as he worked with me in a personal injury claim that involved myself and my husband, who died prior to settlement. He gently guided me through a process that could have been impossible for me to untangle alone. He had great organizational skills and was always available when needed.. He possess a quiet confidence that puts you at ease and assures you that he is being thorough.. I highly recommend him." - Debbie
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