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Car Accidents

Why Do You Need a Charleston Car Accident Attorney?



Woman With Surgical Collar Because injuries such as the ones in which we bring a legal case arise from the negligence of someone. Sometimes the actions are careless, reckless or even intentional.

Negligence means that someone made a mistake in his/her actions. He thought he could make the light before it turned red. She looked down at her phone and wasn't paying attention to the road. He was on an unfamiliar road and instead of allowing more time to get there by reducing his speed, he does not notice the stop sign ahead.

There are numerous instances of negligence in normal life, but that does not excuse the behavior. Just because you ran the stop sign and no one gets hurt this time, does not mean that no one will ever get hurt. Next time, the losses could be too great to bear.

Yes, It’s an Unplanned and Unwelcome Injury:

You certainly didn't plan for it, and you certainly didn't want it, but you find yourself injured. It seems like it's all just, "Hurry up and wait", and you're tired, and tired of waiting. There is so much "red tape" to go through.

How Do You Prepare for This?

The simple fact is you can't. You need someone to help you through this - someone who is skilled in this area who can encourage you along the way.

It's Treatment Time

Woman at the Chiropractor Yes, it's an inconvenience, but it's your body, and you only have one. The ER may have acted like you're completely ok, but you don't feel ok, and you're having some continued problems. You just don't have time to go to physical therapy or chiropractic appointments, but you just don't feel good. This is such an inconvenience, and it wasn't even your fault.

Lost Wages

Yes, car accidents often involve time off work - not only because of your injury but also because of medical appointments. Remember, you have a right to take time off of work, and you have a right to take care of yourself. You can also get compensation for your time out of work (lost wages). A Car Accident Lawyer serving Charleston can advise you more about the issue of lost wages.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment
  1. We need you to bring in a copy of your FR-10. This is the document you are given by the police that will generally show who is at fault (and not at fault) in the accident.
  2. We will take down the facts of the accident and ask you about where you have sought medical treatment thus far.
  3. We will answer any questions you may have and discuss what is involved with representation.
  4. If you decide to retain us, we will get you to sign medical release forms so we can get your medical records and bills.
  5. There may also be other releases that need to be signed (depending on your case).
  6. We will give you a rundown of what to expect throughout the case.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list as some items are attorney-client privileged.

When you’re involved in a Car Accident, the clock starts ticking right after the accident, and it is critical to talk to a Charleston Car Accident Lawyer right away. Attorney Trey Merck also handles truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, moped accidents, bicycle-car accidents and pedestrian injuries by a car.

One call is all it takes to get your Car Accident case on the right track today.

Client Reviews
“Attorney Trey Merck did a great job for me when I was going thru probate on my brother, He kept me well informed and explained things. I didn't have to pay upfront.. Everything went smoothly. He is a very nice person and I would definitely use his services again if I need to.” - Jackie
"Mr Merck helped me through the long process of medical disability. He was kind, patient, helpful, compassionate .... a very kind human being. He always went above and beyond to help me. I was so grateful for meeting him during g a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone." - Jody
"Trey Merck was kind and patient as he worked with me in a personal injury claim that involved myself and my husband, who died prior to settlement. He gently guided me through a process that could have been impossible for me to untangle alone. He had great organizational skills and was always available when needed.. He possess a quiet confidence that puts you at ease and assures you that he is being thorough.. I highly recommend him." - Debbie